4 Structural Problems That Wood Fence Services Can Solve

A cedar or pressure-treated wood fence dramatically changes your home's curb appeal for the better. Installing a contemporary or vintage picket fence design secures your property, especially when installed by professional wood services. With time, the elements, broken tree branches, pests, and lack of maintenance damage your protective barrier, and you need to restore it quickly.

Calling wood fence repair professionals at the first signs of trouble saves money. Indeed, a casual inspection helps you to identify broken boards, missing slats, leaning, and shaky posts. You must engage wood fence services that provide appropriate structural solutions and estimates for the upcoming repair or fence replacement. 

Here are some problems that wood fence services can fix.

Sagging Fences

When your horizontal wood fence sags and buckles, it becomes more than an eyesore. Leaning fences pose safety and injury risks that require quick fixing. You must seek wood fences services that diagnose the cause of the sagging before suggesting the next cause of action. These pros check the soil conditions or precious installation hitches, wind load, and impact damage. If the sagging problem is minor, the fence company installs tension rods or braces to restore structural integrity.

Broken Fence Pickets

Installing sealed wood fence boards and slats guarantees longevity for the protective barrier. But temperature fluctuations and ground movement cause warping and cracking. This weakens the pickets, and they break easily if a tree branch falls on your fence. Even though replacing these boards seems easy, you must call wood fence services to provide a lasting solution. The new slats need staining or painting to restore uniformity. Also, these pros check whether the fence requires repairing or replacement if large fence sections are affected.

Wobbly Fence Posts

If the fence posts were installed incorrectly, you'll experience wobbly post issues down the line. Indeed, if you fence rocks back and forth when slightly pushed, you must address unsteady post problems. Some posts rot, and it causes the entire fence section to tip over. Luckily, experienced wood fence services inspect your yard to ascertain the cause of the loose posts. This fixes possible post casing issues to prevent similar problems from recurring.


Treated and sealed wood stands well against the elements and boring pests. After some years, the protective surface becomes vulnerable to rotting and mold. If you notice signs of rest or termite infestation, call a professional wood fencing company quickly. They determine whether your fence needs sectional repairs or an overhaul. If termites are present, you must contact a pest extermination service, too.

Contact a local wood fence service to learn more.