Things to Consider When Fencing in Your Yard for Pets

Adding a fence on your property is a great way to keep pets in the yard and protect them from getting hurt or stolen. The kind of fence you choose is up to you, but there are some things you may want to talk to the fence services contractor about to ensure your fence is secure and going to work for your pets.

Basic Fencing

For most pets, a basic fence is enough to keep pets in. Any spaces between slats or boards should be small enough to keep even small pets in the yard, especially puppies or toy breeds.

The fencing materials you can use range from wood and vinyl to metal fences that meet your needs. The fencing services contractor you will use for your fence may also have some suggestions about how to best separate your pet from people without turning the yard into a hideout that no one can see into, and you can not see out of. 

If the fence keeps your pets in and safe and allows you to let them out without taking them on a lease, it can be well worth having. The fence needs to be safe for the pets, but the level of privacy it provides is up to you to decide.

Footings For Diggers

If your dog is a digger, keeping them in the yard with a basic fence may not be enough. Often the posts for the fence are set in the ground, but there is no perimeter along the fence to keep them in. Pouring a concrete footing all the way around the yard and putting the fence posts in it will help stop the dog from trying to dig out under the fence. 

If you find a spot that the dog has started digging in, fill it back in as quickly as possible. The footing depth may be related to the situation, but the fence services contractor can help you decide how deep the concrete needs to be for your dog's digging habits.

Puppy Bars

If you are considering a steel fence that has open slats like what is required in many developments, ask the fencing services contractor about models with puppy bars or bars that are closer together at the bottom of the fence. These extra bars work well to keep smaller dogs and puppies in the yard and still allow them to see out of through the fence. 

 Often the bars only extend about halfway up the fence, but often that is enough to keep small dogs from trying to slip through the fence and into the neighbor's yard. If you are dealing with an HOA (homeowners association) restrictions when installing your fence, check with them to determine your options for securing your yard for your pets. 

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