3 Things To Consider When Building A Wood Fence

If you are looking into fencing, there's a good chance that wood ends up being your fencing material of choice. Wood fences are traditional, durable, and attractive. There are many styles and sizes of wood fencing to choose from and many options that may work for your needs. Wood fencing is also versatile, more so than you may realize. If you plan to build a wood fence, here are three things to consider before starting.

What Type Of Fence You Want

There are many types of wood fencing to consider, and deciding which one works best for your property is crucial. Wood fences are typically constructed out of redwood, pine, or cedar. There are many styles of wood fencing to consider, including picket, louvered, lattice, post and rail, and vertical board options. You will want to take your time and look at your options before committing to a wood fence. Make sure you select an option that suits your needs while also complementing your home. 

Your Budget

The size and style of your wood fence, along with installation labor costs, will all impact your bottom line. On average, you'll pay between $5 and $15 per foot for the fencing materials. Labor for wood fencing construction costs $10 to 20 per foot. Some styles of wood fences cost more than others. For example, privacy fences tend to cost more than picket or ranch styles. Setting a budget and considering labor and material costs is crucial before installing a new fence. The good news is that there are wood fencing options for nearly any budget.

Using Professional Labor

Another thing to keep in mind when building a fence is whether or not you want to tackle the construction. While you can build a wood fence on your own, using a professional fencing contractor can be a better option. An experienced fencing contractor will ensure that all of the proper permits are in place and that your wood fence is well constructed. A professional can also build a wood fence quicker than you can on your own and will be better equipped to tackle any challenges during the fence building process.

If you are looking to build a wood fence, consider these three things before starting. First, look into your options and determine what type of fencing will work best for your needs. Second, make sure you set a budget before work begins. Finally, consider using a professional fencing contractor when building your newwood fence.