An Aluminum Fence Is Easy to Care for and Is an Attractive Fencing Style for Your Backyard

An aluminum fence is a nice addition to your backyard. You can enclose your yard with it, close off part of your yard for a garden or pet, or use it as a pool fence. Since you can see through the fencing, it won't block your view, and that makes it ideal if you're partitioning your yard or if you have a nice view on the other side of your fence. Here are details to know about aluminum fences.

They Should Be a Few Inches Above the Ground

You don't have to worry about aluminum fencing rotting or rusting, so it won't be damaged by resting on the ground, but it's much easier to maintain the grass along the bottom of your fence if there is enough clearance to use a weed trimmer. Plus, the gates of the fence will work better and not hit obstructions if the fence is a few inches above the soil and grass.

The Panels Can Be Installed on a Slope

Aluminum fence panels can be installed so the top of the fence makes a slant, or the panels can be installed so the top of the fence has a stair-step appearance. That makes it possible to put one of these fences around your yard even if your yard has a slope.

If you need to keep the bottom of the fence close to the ground to keep your dog in the yard, then stair-stepping could be the right installation method. Your fencing contractor can help you decide on the right way to handle fencing a sloped or hilly yard.

Maintenance Is Fairly Easy

Aluminum fences can last for decades if they are cared for properly. The fence is easy to keep attractive since all you need to do is wash it with a garden hose and soapy water. If weeds crawl up the fence, you'll probably want to pull them out so your fence stays attractive.

You may need to tighten the fence if it starts to work loose as might happen around the gate area or when your dog keeps jumping against the fence. You might need to tighten the hinges or screws. If a post gets loose in the ground, it might need to be set in new concrete, so you may want to call a fencing contractor to make those repairs.

Aluminum fences are attractive, and they come in different styles, so you can have a beautiful ornamental fence if you want. Even plain aluminum fences are pretty, so you can't really go wrong when you opt for aluminum fencing on your property.

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