Recognize Fence Damages That Need Attention

You may have a decorative fence to boost your property's curb appeal, or you may have one to keep your dogs in or to keep strangers out. No matter what your fence is for, you'll want to keep it in the best shape possible. If there are repair issues, then the fence can have weak areas that cause a variety of problems. Also, minor issues can become major ones, and the integrity of your whole fence can be put at risk. This article will go over some signs to watch for that can indicate your fence needs to be repaired as soon as possible. 

The fence is leaning

If you see an area of your fence that's leaning, then this indicates there's a structural issue that needs to be repaired as quickly as possible. A leaning fence can end up collapsing if you don't have it repaired quickly enough. Not only can this leave your property and your family vulnerable, but it can also hurt someone as it falls. 

There are missing boards

If your fence is missing some boards, then this can end up compromising the integrity of the fence and affecting its appearance. Also, missing boards can allow your dog to escape, make it easier for someone to get into the yard, and cause the fence to look dilapidated. Having the boards replaced quickly helps prevent these things from happening. 

There are broken posts

A broken or cracked fence post can weaken your fence's foundation and affect its overall strength and functioning. When the post is broken, it can cause problems for the part of the fence that depends on that post for stability. Having a fence post repaired right away can help prevent you from needing to have other areas fixed as well. 

There is warped, cracked, or rotted wood

You want all the wood on your fence to be in good condition. If you see areas where the wood is warped, cracked, or rotten, then these things will worsen as time goes on. They can each lead to extensive damage that affects your fence's durability as well as its appearance. Warped wood will get worse, and the affected boards can end up falling off the fence. Cracked wood can quickly become completely broken boards. Rotted wood in one area can lead to rotted wood in other nearby areas. The wood will eventually crumble as well, leaving you with holes in the fence. Fast repairs can prevent things from getting worse and causing the need for more costly repairs.

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